Acts/Ideas; A Christmas Story

Acts Not Ideas

Allow your ideas to become acts.

Have something in your life that you can feel truly good about. Not something you brag about to others, not something you will benefit financially from. Something you might even keep personal to yourself, something that makes you proud of who you are as a BEING, and who are becoming.

…And don’t let that something fade 20 years into the distance while you still hold it up to share, with nothing new contributed to humanity. That would kind of defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it?

One of my personal examples comes from a part of my life when I was a young struggling single mother, employed at a social work type job, that paid barely more than minimum wage. The idea was not my own, as I recall, I had met someone who was already making the following practice.

For a few months my daughter and I collected our spare change and on Christmas Eve, we set out to the local coffee shop to start purchasing. We had a small bag full of collected hats, scarves and mittens – some were extra of our own, some were donated to the cause by friends and family – and with coffee trays and donuts in hand we set out to warm up some incredibly grateful homeless locals. Most of whom would have gone the entire season without any cheer.

By our third trip to the coffee shop, our drinks were free and as we carried on, so were the remaining food items. We continued this way for hours – late into the night – and repeated the tradition many times over for years to come.

My adult daughter still says these were her favourite Christmas eve memories.

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