Connecting to the Universe; Harnessing Positivity

Thoughts make it

Our little Jimmy, loving life on a sunset beach.

Your life IS what your thoughts make it. Furthermore, your thoughts are what make YOU.

If you are plagued by negative thought (stress, anxiety, sadness and anger), the likelihood of the energy you put out being negative, is very high. People will actually perceive YOU as negative. No one wants to be thought of as negative, and sadly (truth be told) no one (but your immediate family, closest friends and the Universe) even cares about the realities of your life – they are worried about their own.

To function effectively in this world, you need to learn to place your emotions in the proper, accepting hands.

Sometimes the concept of feeling positive can seem very abstract, though it is actually very simple. This is one of the times when the old adage ‘fake it ’till you make it’ can apply. How? Do the things you know generate positivity and joy.

Think of the many ways that are suggested time and time again to harness happiness (we have all heard them); go for a walk, stop to notice nature (smell the roses), enjoy the company of children (from a distance perhaps!), watch birds, sit in a cafe, smell the rain, stand beneath the sun, watch the stars, be present for a sunset or sunrise.

And smile. As amazing as it sounds, nothing cheers up the self like a smile. And if you are in a public place, you will be surprised by the people that respond to your smile, positively! Yes, they are gifting you with some positive energy – you just created it in them, and they gave it right back to you. See how it works?

Even the Universe responds to a smile. Try it. Smile just at the Universe. Raise your head to the clouds, close your eyes and smile like you mean it. Send it out with feeling. See if you don’t feel a little bubble of carbonated joy from your mid section (and if you don’t, try again!). That feeling is the Universe smiling right back at you. How can one ever feel alone when they have the Universe smiling down on them?

All of these suggestions lead to one result, a re-connection with nature and ‘spirit’ – the Universe. It is hard (nearly impossible) for the Universe to meet you 1/2 way when you are cooped up inside, behind four walls, in front of your laptop. And believe me, the Universe wants to gift you with joy and a feeling of connectivity.

Nothing is more connected than nature, and in no place can we be more connected than within it. It could be a people watching tour on a city park bench. It doesn’t matter. Find your space – as often as you need to – and take solace in the fact that the Universe understands and KNOWS your troubles. Watch for signs of acknowledgement. After you see them a few times, they will start making sense to you.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t find human distractions for the times you simply just can’t handle it. For sure it is better to sit on the couch and play mind distracting video games than it is to wallow in the mire of your own misery, just don’t forget – when you find the strength, head out into the beautiful blue yonder – where ‘spirit’ has a chance to connect with you.

Try these recommendations, and continue to do so until you feel the outcome. You will. The more emotional energy you put into it, the more connection with the Universe you will get back. You will be given a sign – you are valued, you are understood, and you are not ever alone – so lighten up!

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