Looking for Signs

The Floaty Home

I am sure you have already guessed that I do not believe in disconnected coincidence, and nor should you. When the Universe works so hard to bring events together for your benefit, it seems a shame to dismiss it as simple co-occurence.

I mentioned previously that coincidences and synchronicity are ways of noting you are on the right path. One of my favourite examples of this comes from my own life. The Universe ‘conspired’ to ensure I could not miss the gift laid out on my path.

I had just entered into a fantastic relationship after many years of being a single mother. Life was already on the up and up, but starting to change dramatically. I had raised my daughter primarily in the cities of Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. One of the changes proposed was a move from the city to a more remote location off of the beaten path.

We found ourselves in a position to purchase a home on the water, something that we thought suited us very well. I however, had some hesitation, as I have always lived immediately downtown.

This may not seem like a big deal to many, but I was terrified to make the wrong choice and end up isolated, horribly lonely and unhappy. You see, I have bad vision and do not drive – our new location would be off of the regular transit route and subsequently, I would be rendered virtually dependent – something I had never been.

We saw the ad for the house on a Friday, booked to see it on the Sunday, put an immediate offer in on it that same day (after both getting goosebumps the moment we walked in) and it was ours. It took barely one weekend to change my (our!) life dramatically.

While touring the home, I saw a small rock on the fireplace mantle. Just a simple rock, but it caught my eye regardless. When we left, I felt compelled to tell my husband of the rock, I really didn’t know why.

When we moved in after our honeymoon, to the recently cleaned, (almost) completely empty house, there sat the rock – on the mantle where it had been weeks earlier – the only thing left in the home.

Coincidence? Or a sign that I am supposed to be where I have ended up? I choose to believe the latter.

That isn’t the only sign we have been given here, there have been many; the tree I wanted to buy for the balcony that magically seeded itself in a pot I was not using, the crows that come here to feed their babies (crows are my animal guide & it is incredibly rare to see them feed their young).

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The term ‘Mugwump‘ that kept repeating in my head until I finally walked down the dock the first time to see it written on a disused life preserver, the wild forget-me-not flowers – a symbol our family accepts to memorialize and represent my deceased younger sister – that literally started randomly growing off of our home.

And as we signed the papers, our real estate agent told us that the house came with a name (as most floating vessels and live-aboards do). Its name was/is ‘Covven Ahn Wra’ or house of the witch in English. Of course my husband laughed his head off at the final coincidence!

It is true that I have finally found a home that feels like my own – a place I know I belong. And I deeply appreciate the reassuring signs I have received along the way.

This happens to you too, I promise! If you haven’t seen it for yourself yet – you just aren’t paying attention! The Universe wants to you be on YOUR right path, whatever that is to you. Graciously, you will be given as many signs as it takes for you to notice, and as many as you need to feel confident your choice is right. You just have to learn to watch and pay attention.

Once you have caught the signs a few times, you wont ever again be able to miss them.


6 responses to “Looking for Signs

  1. I love this. It’s always a thrill to notice signs and so easy to miss them if we aren’t paying attention. Thanks for reminding us to keep our eyes open and follow our hearts.

  2. What a literally heavenly place… do tell us more about it, what its like to live there… and yes, synchronities is glorious, isn’t it…
    I wrote about it too a few weeks ago…I love love love your blog..

    • Oh that is so kind, thank you! Indeed I will write more about my little floaty life – I was just thinking about doing so recently, actually. I appreciate your interest =).

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