Finding Your Guide

Animal Guides

Image created on Polyvore by Ana. Depicting her guides – the dragonfly and the crow.

Often I am asked how I found my animal guide(s). My answer is usually regarded as too simple, and so dismissed. I asked to see my guide, and did. It was simple because I believe, and as they say; with belief anything is possible.

The reason I tell you to practice is simply to garner your own belief. The Universe has to work through your ideology before it can get a message to you. Obviously if your ideology is already pointing toward Spirit, a step can easily be eliminated.

As with everything Spirituality based, it is not complicated, and easy to do yourself. Yes, you can easily find your own guide – it just takes practice and awareness. Inevitably, it is only you that can find your guide. And you do so simply by watching and seeking.

What should you do?

Before bed, tell the Universe you are ready to know your guide and plan to spend the next day/week looking. When you wake up, repeat your request for help, with sincerity. When you head out – to work and/or through your day, write down your discoveries. Which animal shows itself to you and what you were doing/feeling/thinking when it did so.

Sure, you may wish your animal guide was a dolphin, but unless you live and work by the ocean, that would be unlikely. Your guide will be something that is able to present itself to you at whim and by need.

How I found my Animal Guides;

I discovered my dragonfly guide before I even knew I was looking. I was in my mid twenties and my sister had passed away. I was at her funeral and was starting to feel overwhelmed with the crowd of teenagers that had shown up to mourn, with my grief, with it all in general.

I turned my back and started to plod through the cemetery to get some space. As I walked I saw a dragonfly out of the corner of my eye, hovering at my shoulder. I stopped, it stopped. I sat, it lowered – it was definitely following me. Now on the grass at the foot of my grandfathers grave, the dragonfly moved to the front of me. I put my finger out, suggesting it perch, and it did. Amazingly it did.

With the dragonfly on my finger I walked back to the crowd and toward my Mother, who had been watching the whole time. With a tear in her eye, she said;

“What a blessing.”

And indeed it was. We still speak of it sometimes, how beautiful a moment it was at such a time of sorrow. Exactly what we both needed. And others were watching too – it had the same effect on all of us – like a little gift from the Universe dropping down to say;

“Hey you, don’t worry – everything is going to be ok!”

At that moment, the dragonfly became a guide for many people at the gathering.

Your experience doesn’t have to be as profound, as a matter of fact, the way I found my primary animal guide, the crow, was quite simple. I made my statement of intent to the Universe before bed, and the next morning when I awoke – and for the whole day – all I saw were crows. They stood out for me. I had a few yell rudely in my face – and I just knew!

Why have an ‘Animal Guide’?

In my experience it takes much practice and a lot of time to learn to hear and understand your ‘Spiritual Guide’ clearly and consistently. Even still, decades later, I am sometimes not entirely clear with my connection, and can misunderstand or simply not be able to ‘hear’ what my Spiritual Guide is telling me.

An animal guide on the other hand, is much easier to ‘see’ and understand – fundamentally they ARE THERE – right in front of you! And generally their ‘answers’ are black and white – yes or no, this way or that, good or bad.

Sometimes I will be doing something very human, like window shopping – not focussed on Spirit, when the Universe will send me a crow to yell in my face – shocking me to ‘pay attention’ for whatever reason. Quite effective!

Since accepting the crow as my guide, many remarkable ‘crow things’ have happened. They have brought babies to my home to feed (extremely rare!), led me in the right direction when lost, made me laugh when otherwise sad, entertained my friends and I, and ceremoniously gathered for mutual celebration at oddly appropriate times.

So why not look for your guide? Start tomorrow, it takes no additional effort on your part – your eyes are already open, aren’t they? You need only to ask, then look and listen with intent. Nothing more.

6 responses to “Finding Your Guide

  1. I have a real question so please don’t think I’m joking ok. Do you think it possible to have multiple guides. Long story made short. Met a wolf or large wolf like dog as a child in the high desert as a child helped lead me back to people when lost or at least alone very young 4-5. Then as a teen whilst swimming at a local river a swam to the other side it was far and I was tired. Upon climbing out I saw a butter fly I stood a joked out loud to some friends I am the butterfly king but meant it in my heart and kid you not a swarm of 25 can off some flower near by and all landed on me to this day it still is a magical memory.. So two guides possible. I am a Gemini

  2. Thank you for putting it so simply and beautifully! I’m considering writing a post on this very topic soon… I suspect I will be a bit more ‘rambly’! I also have several animal spirit guides, and each is a real blessing, who help me in different areas of my life.
    Blessings be

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