Protecting Yourself from Negative

Envisioning White Light

“Encircled by the Light’ created by Ana on Polyvore.

Spiritual/Psychic Attacks

When starting your spiritual journey it is important to remember that there is as much positive as negative in the Universe. Yin/yang, good/bad, black/white. The balance is necessary for our world to function as it does, and though some would think that we would be better without darkness – if life were without negativity it would also be without lessons – which would render our existence here on earth entirely pointless.

We are here to learn, and can easily protect ourselves from the unfavourable effects of living in this world.

There are many energies we are exposed to on a daily basis. The energy of the earth herself, intelligent energies like your guides, the planets and solar energies, the moon, asteroids and stars. And negative energies as well.

What happens during a negative spiritual attack?

Essentially a spiritual attack is a manipulation of your energy by an external force. It might make you feel sick, frightened, tired, anxious or confused. You might even feel something physically like a strange pressure on your person. You could experience nightmares, loss of memory, lethargy, illness that cannot be explained, bad luck and sorrow. This is not an exhaustive list by any means.

The strike itself involves moving negative energy from its source into your physical/energy body.

Where does a spiritual attack originate?

An assault can come in many forms. A friend or stranger can intentionally (or accidentally) send a negative spiritual attack toward you. Some negative attacks come from bad energies or spirits and are sent intentionally to bring harm to you – to damage, control or manipulate.

Negative thinking can even create dark energy which can then be sent out to others. This can happen with or without your control. Thoughts and words are like magic, they can change your environment in addition to your mood. I am sure you can think of an instance where your negative mood (energy) affected another person – without even having to say a grumpy word.

Can I draw negative attacks to me?

Yes, absolutely. Not surprisingly, negative energy is attracted to violence, drugs, anger and rage. All of us get angry sometimes and this does NOT necessarily mean we are drawing bad spirits toward ourselves – it generally requires prolonged exposure to these situations to draw darkness.

Having said that, it is also true that if you find yourself in a drunken out-of-control state (or something similar), you are leaving yourself wide open to spiritual attacks. And being that negative is just that – negative – the darkness has no problem taking advantage of you in such a state.

How can I protect myself from a negative attack?

Simply not believing does not protect you from this exposure.

There are a few ways I use to protect myself from negative. Though they are simple, they DO work, it takes only intent, faith and belief. You should know that whether you realize and believe it – or not, we all have guides on the other side who love and protect us every day. They follow through our lives and try to guide us as much as we allow.

Ask your spirit guide(s) for protection.

Do so with faith (that they are listening, and in the process), belief (that they and the Universe exist and want to work for you and with you), and intent (that you deeply want/need what you ask). If it didn’t work the first time, it is only because you were lacking one of the requirements. Don’t lose hope, just ask again.

And I know you have heard this before;

Picture yourself surrounded in white light.

Really, sit or lay down – focus for a moment on nothing else – and envision white light beaming out of you and coming into you. A cocoon of white light. Why does this work? Because on the other side imagining something IS creating it. Simply, light repels the darkness and you can easily create the white light. Combine this with a request for protection. You may want/need to do this daily, before bed or when you awake, depending on your circumstance.

Again, simple. But it doesn’t work if you don’t believe in the process, and it doesn’t work if you dont do it!


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