Grounding Yourself, Levelling Your Energy

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Recently while teaching a student some spiritual principles, both of us became flush faced and overheated. We yawned frequently and compulsively.

At one point she stopped and exclaimed with a giggle;

“What is happening to me?”


I explained to her that we were being affected by a surge of spiritual energy, and ours were actually common symptoms. Though we are all affected at varying levels, the symptoms are similar for everyone;

  • tingling
  • overheating (a perceived or actual raise in body temperature)
  • ‘blushing’
  • prickly heat feeling
  • yawning
  • ‘ringing’
  • shift in consciousness (meditative/sleepy state)

I personally cannot get through a spiritual session without at least some yawning, a red face and heated body temperature – as my clients and students will (embarrassingly) attest.

This is the energy of Spirit, of the Universe and of the earth. The ‘creation energy’ or ‘spiritual energy’, as it is often called. It interacts and reacts the same as the familiar energy that can be explained by science.

She asked me how to get rid of her symptoms, and though I usually ride mine out (it generally doesn’t last long, and I don’t find it to be much of a bother), the solution is very simple.


I took her outside and asked her to remove her footwear. At first she looked at me like I was out of my mind, until I reminded her that the earth is also made of energy, not just us. Mother nature will always take more.

Standing barefoot on the grass is a simple way to level your energy out. The extra is simply absorbed by the earth. It takes only minutes.

And if it is perpetually winter where you live, or you are in a desert region, try different things to see what works for you. Remember you want to connect with nature in a way that alters your spiritual energy levels.

With this in mind, in arid regions, I have found that standing in a damp spot on the earth works (even if I created the damp spot with a garden hose or bucket), whether it is sand or dirt or even rock. And you don’t even have to stand on it – you can touch it with your hand or lay on it too.

In cold regions I find that just breathing the air in, while outdoors, in a calm controlled manner, can work to level out my spiritual energies.


Sometimes, when starting out on your journey, it can be difficult to discern between spiritual energy and a spirit or what some people might call ghosts.

A spirit or ghost can also affect body temperature, because their energy can alter yours. Usually you will feel the air around you or near you turn cold. When a spirit comes to you you might feel (smell or hear);

  • change in temperature, usually cold
  • change in air density
  • feeling/pressure that feels like touch/pushing sensation
  • a feeling like a ‘wave’ is passing through you
  • different sounds – voices, music, bells
  • smells – flowers, smoke, citrus, ocean air, etc.

You might want to enjoy the spiritual beings around you if you are experiencing a visit, or you may want to ask them to leave. If your decision is the latter, simply do so – ask them, out loud, to leave you alone and state your reasons.

If done with intent, this will be enough to send them off. They do not wish to frighten you, they are only trying to make contact for whatever reason, and if they understand you are not interested, they will comply.


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