Why Did God Let That Happen?

Ability to Change

“God isn’t about making good things happen to you, or bad things happen to you. He’s all about you making choices exercising the gift of free will. God wants you to have good things and a good life, but He won’t gift wrap them for you. You have to choose the actions that lead you to that life.”
― Jim Butcher

A Hidden Book

In 2009, when I returned from teaching in Thailand, I spent a few months living at the mobile home of a relatives recently deceased Mother. She had died a quick, untimely death, and a few of her belongings still remained in the home.

Wrapped in brown paper, hidden in the far back corner of a cupboard, was a book – a spiritual book called ‘The Soul Truth’ by Sheila and Marcus Gillette.

This was very unusual, not just because the book was obviously hidden, but because the woman herself was living in a somewhat fundamentalist, rural Christian environment and was believed to be such herself.

I took the book, and often look at it, knowing it was important to a lovely woman who was trying to research and access her spirituality in secret, for fear of repercussion from her family.

Today I perused the book using bibliomancy – which seems to work quite well for me – and others I know. What I discovered was a lot of inspiration, and a lot of truth.

Todays reading is inspired by that book.

Why Would God do That?

In the chapter ‘Death & Dying’ (pg. 230), a common question is brought up;

‘We feel a tremendous amount of pain from the deaths of our children or loved ones who die in tragic, horrible ways. It is difficult to rationalize or understand why this would happen (why would God do that?).’

The answer? In short, He didn’t. Why is it assumed that it is Gods ultimate choice when you die? Might not you have some spiritual say in that?

Here is the reply from the book;

‘That is placing responsibility outside the individual. It is difficult to understand why a soul would choose a particular circumstance that at one point would seem horrific or violent. But it is to understand as well that their body is a tool, it is a vehicle, and that in the experiences that are attracted to this soul are opportunities of learning for that soul, but not only limited to the individual soul.’

I could see this reality in my own teenaged sisters unnecessary death. I had premenotion-ed for many years that she would not be with us long, and when she finally passed on, her death had a profound effect on not only us (her immediate family) but also the youth around her.

The Learning Effect of Death

I was told that one girl wrote a book. Another of her friends came to me and told me that my sisters death was a turning point in her own reckless life, that she was ‘saved’ by it. And I know that seeing the profound effects of her suicide made me decide to never consider my own.

Know that all beings that are connected, interconnected with that particular personality, learn from the experience as well. The learning is never only for one, you see, and it may be for greater numbers than one, in that sense it affects the world.’

In that regard, I can look at the early death of my sister as a positive in the lives of our family, and in the lives of others. I know it was after her death that I forgave my parents for mistakes they made in my youth, and I know it was her death that changed the heart of my once ornery step-father.

Indeed her passing was not without purpose in the lives of others. Very few deaths go unnoticed, and are without spiritual meaning.

Death is certainly not Gods ‘fault’, if it is to be considered a fault at all. You choose your path, as does everyone else. Your heart should rest easier knowing this, and knowing that when it is your time, your passing will bless and change the lives of those around you, positively, when the grief settles – regardless your age or your manner of passing.

Truly this applies to all of your difficult moments. There is always a reason, and a positive, though it may be hidden. Life is for learning, isn’t it? And we all know that the best learning comes through overcoming our difficulties.

So instead of asking why God let something happen, or made something happen, ask instead what you have to learn from the situation – and search for the positive.

* Remember, many Spiritualists have a somewhat softer, perhaps even ‘alternative’ nature based version of ‘God’.


One response to “Why Did God Let That Happen?

  1. I had a friend who was a teacher for me until she died, and she would say ‘God wastes Nothing”, and this lovely post seems to re-iterate that sense that there is a purpose to everything, and a time, and a season!

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