Accepting Your Signs


I often am confronted with the questioning of basic signs – even by students and friends who have had their own glaring experiences.

“How do you know that crow was a sign for you, Ana – why wasn’t it just a crow squawking at a coincidental moment?”

I guess this is part of the reason for ‘Spiritual Ana-Log’. No matter where we come from, or how close we have been, or are to ‘Spirit’, we all need a reminder from time to time – even if we have already had one – or a few!

I know my signs because I have practiced watching them, and I am a believer.

Yesterday I spoke with my sister. She is a devout Christian and barely tolerates what I do and who I am – though she is very nice about it! We often converse about the Bible, Christianity and (sometimes) Spirituality.

She is currently watching a program on TV about the Bible, and will often discuss episodes with me, and our conversations have been primarily ‘God based’ with the recent passing of Easter.

Something she said in our last conversation sparked a point in me.


She was telling me about the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. According to the Bible, at the completion of the ceremony, a dove ascended overhead. This was seen to be a sign of Gods presence watching over the important moment. God had sent the dove as a sign.

She also told me Joseph, the son of Jacob, was said to be a dream interpreter. This gift saved his behind on more than one occasion – and made him a very powerful man. You need only to flip through Genesis in the Bible to find this example of the use of signs by ‘God’ – so why doubt that there are signs made for you too?

It doesn’t matter what you believe in, most religious texts (all that I know of, and have read), refer to seeking and watching for spiritual signs. Signs that you are heading in the right direction, that your actions are validated, that God and the Universe are listening and present.

Your signs are all around you, even the Bible says so. And if you could bring yourself to stop doubting, you would see them more clearly.

It is hard to recognize the ethereal through the dark veil of doubt – so lift the veil and see what the Universe is trying to share with you!


2 responses to “Accepting Your Signs

  1. So true, a feather, or even a word or place that keeps recurring, synchronicity – they all give me that lift to the spirit, they tell us angels are with us, or, as you say, show us we are on track…lovely post, Ana

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