About the Medium

Ana the Medium

Ana – author of Spiritual Ana-Log, teacher, adventurer and clairvoyant-tarot-reading counsellor!

My first unusual experience involving life, death and the Universe happened when I was 5 years old. You can read about it here. I didn’t know then that I had capabilities worth exploring, but I did know that I was different.

A number of highly unusual people, situations and events were thrown at me from that point on, including a personal spiritual mentor that I spent a decade learning from, who hailed from Turkey.

I got an education and worked for many years as a counsellor and advocate, owned a few businesses, learned a few languages, conducted a couple of travel tours, and tried my hand at teaching ESL here in Canada and overseas.

I remained connected to ‘Spirit’ throughout this time, and though I was in contact with my ‘Guide’, and making good use of my clairvoyance helping and guiding others, I chose only to share the core of my abilities with those whom I was very close.

I felt I had something to lose as a respected Social Worker, Mother and business owner, and was not open to being taken less seriously or being seen as flaky. I didn’t want my beliefs and abilities to be judged. I wasn’t ready.

What has changed? Well, I am no longer formally counselling for a Social Services agency, I no longer own any traditional businesses and my daughter is now an adult – who fully accepts my gift – and her own. In other words, everything has changed!

Everything that is except my desire to help people, and that is where Tarot reading comes in. I have been using Tarot cards to help myself and friends for a very long time, but as I was not reading professionally, I did not even memorize the 78 cards.

It was my Middle Eastern mentor, many years ago, who suggested I try Tarot, to help me be more clear with my learnings and to better understand messages from my guide.

Truly, I have found that the Universe has always been eager to connect with me via Tarot, whether I am asking about myself or someone else. Combining Tarot with messages from my Guide along with my clairsentient/clairaudient abilities, and my years working as a counsellor, I hope to be able to continue to help people in a way that is truer to myself.

Hopefully I can encourage others to find (and hold onto) their own light, too.

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