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I received a free reading from Ana. I must say she is a wonderful reader and very humble person. The cards she drew for me were exactly relating to my situation. Though the reading did not give me what I wanted to hear but it showed me the truth and different path to happiness. Even if it’s a free reading she gave a nice explanation and things were clear to understand. I would surely recommend Ana to my friends. Thank you so much Ana. 🙂

– Dhwani, an on-line Ana-Log member

Long before Ana started this Tarot stuff, she worked with me as my counsellor when I was a troubled teen. What I can say for sure about her is that she is kind hearted, giving, devoted to bettering others and she is REAL. I would absolutely pay her for counselling now that I am an adult, forget about the Tarot business.

– Matt, Toronto, ON

Ana has been reading my cards for a few years now, as a friend. After a few readings I decided to start writing stuff down because the info I was getting was far too important to miss, and uncannily accurate. One summer not too long ago I found myself at Ana’s place four times a week sometimes! I am not stupid, I was getting free counselling (and a good cup of tea) during a crazy time in my life. Don’t let Ana fool you, this is not entirely about cards!

– Name Withheld, Coquitlam, BC

…She gets these ‘feelings’ that freak me out. That’s why I keep coming back! 

– Kevin, New Westminster, BC

I can vouch for Ana’s authenticity, and she makes a great teacher too!

– A Lifetime Student, Austria

I have known Ana a long time. We knew she was different from the get-go. She has had a lot of unusual life experiences. The girl has found bodies, worked jobs that required assisting the dying, premonition-ed famous deaths and melt downs (and non famous deaths and melt downs!), shown me many things I thought were merely science fiction, and that is to say nothing of her personality! Sure, she can read Tarot cards, I would say that is the least of her qualifications.

– Michelle, from one of those terrible small towns, ON

If you have had an experience with Ana that you would like to submit,  just fill out the form below.

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