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Question: Tell me about the man I am interested in. Is he good for me?


I feel very strongly that this is not the man for you. Something about him draws you in, but it is not for the right reasons. This is something you should look at for yourself and your future. You have experienced this draw to someone negative before. You deserve true, lasting un-dramatic, non-traumatic love and will need to work on this before finding it – or I should say, before it finds you.


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1st Position, PRESENT – The Moon  

He is troubling to your soul though you are drawn to him profoundly. He has elements of both good and evil, he is ‘dreadful’ and ‘beautiful’ all at once and he brings out the same in you. Right now, this man represents a lot to you – your fears and dreams, but now, more than ever, it is time to use your instinct and intuition. The moonlight can cause things to seem either safer or more dangerous than they really are. This is the card of ‘deception’ or ‘false feelings’. The moon asks you ‘are you seeing him/things clearly?’

2nd Position, Future – 3 of Swords

The 3 of swords is the card of heartache, it represents raw terrible pain. It is one of the most dreaded cards in the deck. By drawing this card, the Universe is clearly warning of horrible heartache.

3rd Position, Outcome – 7 of Wands

You are going to need to defend yourself, if you choose this man. You have a lot to defend. The warrior stands ready, in front of her vast lands. This person threatens to destroy your stability and will place another emotional road block in your path. You will need to be brave, strong and confident.

It looks to me, by this spread, like the Universe is clearly suggesting that the man you are interested in is NOT someone you should put your emotions or time into. As a matter of fact, it seems that he would be a good man to avoid at all costs! He is strong enough to do you some emotional damage, and you will not benefit from the union.

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