The Focus Photo

Why do you need a focus photo? Because Ana is primarily Clairsentient, which means she gets feelings from things, places and people. The feelings create pictures that she tries to interpret. Sometimes the images and messages are very clear – particularly so in person, when she does not require a focus item.

She is a little clairaudient too, so she might even hear a voice or two. Other times the meaning and image are foggy and harder to interpret. This can happen with remote/distant reading when the only means of picking up clairsentience is through a keyboard and by her ‘gut’.

A focus photo assures she is creating a situation where she can be as clear as possible, and as open and directly connected as she is capable.

If  she doesn’t get a ‘feeling’, she doesn’t do a reading – as she is not just relying on counselling experience, or tarot cards for your answers. More, she is trying to connect with the Universe in the ways available to her.

So, what is a good focus item? Well, she needs to know who you are in the photo, if it contains more than one person. It needs to be a recent photo that includes your face. If you want to know about your man, or child or mother (for example), it helps to also have a photo of them.

Your photos and information will NOT be posted on-line. Your reading will be shared with ONLY you.

Samples of BAD focus photos;

No Eyes to Focus On

Not only is this photo blurry, it also does not have enough focus on the eyes. When Ana is trying to get a feeling from your photo, she is looking at your face – particularly your eyes – as she would in person. A BAD focus photo.

Where is Your Face?

This is bad too – you are too far away, too blurred and where is your face? Remember the focus photo helps Ana do just that – focus – on you, your life and your needs.

Samples of GOOD Focus Photos;

Good Focus

This is a great focus photo. Ana doesn’t care about how your hair looks or what your fashion sense is, she just needs to see a clear image of your face. A teeny tiny avatar type photo won’t work either – her vision is bad as it is!

Decent Focus

This is also a good focus photo – especially if you are asking questions about the other person in the pic. Just be sure to mention which person you are!